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13 Surprising Health Benefits of Almonds - A Detailed Guide


Almonds are amongst the most popular nut trees; they are known to be the oldest, dating back to 3000-200 BC in Jordan. People all over the world are aware of the many Almond benefits, and there are studies that support these benefits. For example, several published scientific studies suggest that almonds contribute to healthy wealth management, improve heart health, help manage diabetic symptoms, and contribute much more to overall health.

The nutritious value of almonds is outstanding; they are an excellent source of Vitamin E, contain a considerable amount of Choline, and are a power-packed source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. Today, you can find almonds in various food products, such as ice creams, juices, diet foods, and even desserts.

Talking about the benefits of eating almonds, there is so much that almonds do to your eating lifestyle, be it providing dense nutrition to your body or adding an extra flavour to your daily diet.

Whether you want to strengthen your heart, maintain a healthy weight, have better digestion, or like better your hair and skin, add almonds to your diet, and you will see the charm.

Here is a detailed guide to the different types of health benefits of almonds: 

1) Almonds Lower Cholesterol 


Almonds contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and are high in unsaturated fat; the type of fat that does not increase the Low-density Lipoprotein (LDP), also known as bad cholesterol. In addition, a study from 2005 also suggests that it increases vitamin E in the plasma and red blood cells. So, if you want to lower Lower-density Lipoprotein while increasing High-density Lipoprotein, try almonds.

2) Almond Are Good for the Heart 


Almonds contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and are said to improve heart health. In a study published in 2014, scientists found that almonds can increase the antioxidants in the bloodstream, reduce blood pressure, and improve blood flow, which may be due to Vitamin E, healthy fats, and fibre content. And since high pressure increases the risk of heart disease, another one of the almond benefits is improving heart health.

3) Almonds Can Help Maintain a Healthy Weight 


Almonds are high in protein, healthy fats, and fibre, but they are also low in carbohydrates, so they can keep one feeling full while providing the body with the nutrients it requires. Almonds can curb the appetite and prevent the temptation to snack more; as a result, one can take control of the calorie intake while satisfying hunger and eating nutritious food. While the almond benefits for weight loss are unmatched, consider the portion size when introducing it to your diet.

4) Almonds Can Help Regulate Blood Pressure   


Almond benefits also extend to managing blood sugar levels as it contains magnesium. Most people who have type 2 diabetes deal with low magnesium levels, a deficiency among those struggling to maintain their blood pressure. When the body contains low magnesium levels, the individual is prone to heart attack and kidney failure, and almonds can prevent these health issues by lowering systolic blood pressure.

5) Almonds Boost Bone Health  


Almond contains calcium, copper, protein, zinc, magnesium, vitamin K, phosphorus, vitamin E, and manganese, all of which contribute to healthy bone health. Studies suggest a correlation between almond consumption and bone health and can protect the bone from fracture. So, for those looking to improve bone health, almonds can be a great option.

6) Almonds Aid in Better Gut Health  


Studies suggest that consuming almonds can support the gut microbiome by increasing the short-chain fatty acid development known as Butyrate, which fuels the cell in the colon lining, promoting better gut health. Consuming almonds can also secure the health and immunity of the gastrointestinal tract. And as the saying goes, the health of the body starts in the gut. Consider the nutritious value of almonds and take care of your gut.

7) An Excellent Substitute for Gluten-Free Diet   


For those on a gluten-free diet and gluten intolerant people, almonds can be an excellent substitute as they can make up for the loss of vitamin Bs, iron, and fibre in the diets. Almonds can be consumed raw, as almond flour, or in any other form to compensate for the nutrient loss.

8) Almond Benefits for Skin   

So many things have been said about almonds when it comes to improving skin texture as the nutrient content in almonds is directly linked to improving skin health. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant that can help protect the cell from damaging UV rays and other environmental factors. Whether you choose to include them in the diet, make a paste, or use it in the form of oil, almonds have a lot to offer.

9) Almond Benefits for Hair   

Filled with essential nutrients like Vitamins A & E, Omega-3 Fatty acids, Protein, Phospholipids, and Magnesium, almonds make a great choice when it comes to improving skin health. From keeping your skin moisturized to improving complexion, treating acne, taming down frizz, strengthening hair, and curing dandruff, there is so much almonds do to make your hair look shiny and strong.

10) Almond Benefits for Brain   

Almonds contain phenylalanine which is a chemical that can give a boost to the brain’s cognitive function, and therefore, can improve brain function. Almond benefits for brain do not stop here, as it also contains L-Carnitine and Riboflavin which are known to boost the growth of brain cells. It is said if you consume 5-6 pieces of soaked almonds in the morning, your brainpower is more likely to boost.

11) Almond Benefits for Men   

Almonds consist of vitamins, minerals, protein, manganese, copper and much more that are said to benefit men by uplifting their general strength, endurance and sports performance. In addition, almonds also support men's sexual health and hormonal production as they are rich in zinc, selenium, and Vitamin E.

12) Almond Benefits for Women   

A woman's body goes through a lot through the different stages of life. Almonds turn out to be a superfood when it's about boosting women's overall health. Almonds provide multiple benefits across the skin and body as they are rich in healthy fats and alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E). They are also known for serving anti-aging properties and supporting pulmonary immune function.

13) Almond Benefits for Weight Loss   

Almonds are high in protein, healthy fats, and fibre, but they are also low in carbohydrates, so they can keep one feeling full while providing the body with the nutrients it requires. Almonds can curb the appetite and prevent the temptation to snack more; as a result, one can take control of the calorie intake while satisfying hunger and eating nutritious food. Thus, they are a great snacking option to support your weight loss journey.

How to Prepare Almonds   

As discussed above in the points, almonds serve as a healthy, nutrient-dense snack and provide numerous health advantages. Moreover, they are versatile to be added to your daily diet and can be enjoyed raw or as a snack. Almond also pairs well with oatmeal, yoghurt, and salad, adding an extra flavour and crunch to your eating regime. Apart from these, one can also use almond products, such as almond milk and butter.

Portion Size of Almonds   

Almonds provide a wide range of nutritional benefits, are highly versatile, and contain a good protein source. It is great for the heart, bones, and gut, and can also improve libido. It can be easy to overeat these crunchy treats; however, it is essential to consider a set portion size in order to avoid consuming more calories and fats than our body requires. Professionals recommend a healthy serving of 23 almonds or ¼ a day.

Here were some of the benefits of eating almonds, and while the list is plenty, one should also consider the risks associated, especially for those who may be allergic. There may be many almond benefits for hair, skin and body, but they can also pose health risks for those who are allergic to them. So, suppose you are consuming almonds for the first time, and you experience hives, swelling, nasal congestion, abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, and difficulty breathing. In that case, it is suggested to consult your medical professional first.

So, if you are looking to add nutrition to your diet, consuming small servings of Nutraj almonds daily can make a big difference. Shop today!

13 Surprising Health Benefits of Almonds - A Detailed Guide