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Bactopure Roasted Almond 200 gm

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Additional Information

Brand: Nutraj
Product Code: 8906019778133
Availability: In Stock

About this Product

At Nutraj, the best ALMONDS are handpicked for your ultimate satiation. We opt for the most up-to-date technology and modern-day facilities to maintain the quality of the product. Our ROASTED ALMONDS are one of the best products that you can find in the market. Our BADAM is packed in resealable packs that retain the crunchiness of the nuts. ALMOND is a big source of vitamins and minerals. It also contains healthy fats that will take care of your heart. You can always opt for our best quality Nutraj ALMONDS to substitute your unhealthy food options. You can munch on the nuts raw as well as add them to your snacks, or you can also garnish them on your oatmeal. You must keep the ALMONDS sealed and store them in a dry place to maintain their optimum quality.

Almonds are a healthy snack & rich in nutrients. They are filled with massive amount of nutrients and also loaded with antioxidants. This can be your perfect choice of snack to stay fit and healthy. Nutraj Bactopure through state-of-the-art German Technology ensures that the nuts and dry fruits are free of any kind of pathogen. And this process is absolutely chemical free.

Why Bactopure?

Nutraj ALMOND is sourced from premium farms in California. The ALMONDS are handpicked in the purest forms of the product. It is a healthy option for your body and will keep your system rejuvenated. Nutraj ALMOND kernels are rich in antioxidants and fibers. Consuming them regularly has proven to be healthy for the body. It is observed that healthy fats and proteins present in the almonds improve your immunity and keep your heart healthy. These nuts are packaged in a premium way that helps them retain their quality and flavor. Premium or ROASTED ALMONDS also help curb hypertension as it is loaded with magnesium. It also helps in weight loss and promotes digestive health.

Health Benefits

  • Biggest Source Of Nutrients: Almonds are the biggest source of nutrients among the nuts. It contains a healthy amount of fiber, protein, fats, Vitamin E, Manganese, Magnesium, etc.
  • Reduces Oxidative Damage: The rich presence of antioxidants helps in reducing markers of oxidative damage.
  • High Source Of Vitamin E: Just an ounce of Almond will provide you with 37% of RDI. Vitamin E helps in lowering the rates of heart disease.
  • Manages Diabetes: Almonds are rich in fibers but low in calories. This makes them a perfect snack to take care of the sugar levels in your blood.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure: The presence of Magnesium helps curb hypertension and keeps blood pressure levels in check.
  • Reduces Cholesterol: Almonds are loaded with good fat. This helps in reducing cholesterol in the body.
Dimensions 15.5x5x23 (Packing Dimensions (cm))
In the Box Roasted Almond 200 gm
Pack of Pack Type: Single Pack
Shelf life Shelf Life: 9 Months from Packaging
Weight 200 (gms)
Brand Bactopure

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