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Enjoy Rakhi with a healthy delight - Celebrate a healthy Raksha Bandhan 

How to celebrate a healthy rakhi?

Raksha Bandhan is the perfect occasion for brothers and sisters to showcase their love for each other. All of us celebrate Rakhi with great delight by gifting and eating good food with family. Food and sweets are an integral part of rakhi celebrations. While we all enjoy Indian sweets we also know their shortcomings. We know that sweets are not the most healthy and can be a problem especially if you are diabetic or obese. Keeping a check on your calories becomes difficult, especially during festivals.

But, there’s a way to enjoy sweets without the guilt of gaining weight. You ask how? If you are looking to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in a healthy way then here are some rakhi celebration ideas.

Try these and celebrate a healthy rakhi 2022!

1) Dry Fruits 

Instead of gifting sweets, gift dry fruits as a rakhi gift that are healthy and tasty. Anjeer, dates, and apricots are great alternatives to sugar-loaded desserts. You can eat dry fruits directly or add them to your sweets and other Indian recipes. Dry fruits come with multiple health benefits and are a healthy alternative to sweets. You can add dry fruits in various Indian recipes for sweetness instead of sugar. Dates and Anjeer can be added to cakes and Indian sweets instead of sugar and can be used to create healthier eating options.

2) Sweets full of nutrients 

Raksha Bandhan without sweets? That doesn’t sound great, right? You don’t have to avoid sweets altogether rather pick sweets that are nutritious and can be made using refined sugar alternatives. Mithai and Indian sweets such as Gajar ka halwa and besan laddoo can be made into a healthier version. Using less sugar or replacing sugar with jaggery, adding dry fruits and avoiding maida or refined flour are some tips you can follow to make healthy sweets. For example, Gajar halwa is rich in vitamin A because of carrots and can be made even healthier by adding less sugar, zero-calorie sugar and dry fruits.

3) Non-fried snacks 

If you have a gathering at home then you might have to arrange snacks for your guests. The best idea is to cook healthy snacks at home rather than ordering from outside. Avoid fried snacks such as samosas, vada pav or kachori instead go for options like dhokla, khandvi, sandwiches, dosas, idli, Dahi Wada etc which are fermented and non-fried. You can also bake or shallow fry instead of frying and using too much oil. A lot of Indian snacks are non-fried, healthy and tasty too. So choose wisely and enjoy Raksha Bandhan with your family and friends.

4) Healthy Drinks 

Try and stay away from aerated and sugar-loaded drinks. There are a lot of drinks that can be made in a healthy way. Lemonade is a good option if made without sugar. Smoothies are healthy and can be made with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Iced tea or green tea is a great option to serve guests. Fresh juices are usually loved by all. These can be nutritious, healthy and tasty. Tea and coffee can be made in a healthy way by adding using less or no milk, and less or no sugar. Enjoy these healthy drinks and stay in shape this festive season.

5) Sugar-free chocolates and sweets

Everyone loves chocolates. But, most chocolates have lots of sugar sometimes more than 50% by weight. If you are trying to control your weight and want to keep a check on your calories then choosing chocolates free from sugar is a great rakhi gift idea. A lot of brands sell sugar-free chocolates and dark chocolates that can be purchased online. Dark chocolate is a great alternative to normal chocolates if they contain less sugar. Check the label carefully before purchasing dark chocolates as sometimes dark chocolate may contain even more sugar than milk chocolates. Most branded sweet shops these days provide sugar-free sweets which contain calorie-free sugar options such as stevia. These can be purchased from physical stores or online. Although not the best option as artificial sugar is processed it is still better than refined white sugar. 

6) Dark chocolate cake 

Dark chocolates contain less or no sugar and are rich in antioxidants. So, if your brother or sister loves cake but you don’t want those added calories then a dark chocolate cake is one of the easiest options out there as a healthy rakhi gift. You can bake one with simple ingredients, add dry fruits and enjoy a healthy dark chocolate cake with your siblings. 

7) Healthy snacks goodie bag

If your brother or sister is a health freak then healthy snack options are a great way to show your love. Look for snack goodie bags that are a great gifting option and can also be served to guests. Nuts with almonds, pistachios, walnuts etc can increase nutrient intake, improve energy levels and aid in weight loss.

8) Gift a gym membership or health check-up

One of the best ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan can be to gift your brother or sister the gift of good health. What better than gifting them a gym or yoga class membership. If your sister or brother enjoys working out or is looking to improve their lifestyle by staying healthy then a gym membership is a very thoughtful gift which your sibling will enjoy. Gifting a health check-up is also a great way to show that you care for them.

This Raksha Bandhan, try these ideas and keep yourself and your family fit and healthy. Enjoy all the rakhi celebrations and spread love and cheer with good food and health!

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Enjoy Rakhi with a healthy delight - Celebrate a healthy Raksha Bandhan