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Nutraj Dried Gooseberry (Amla) 200g

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    Premium Quality Gooseberry 

    Nutraj’s premium quality dried gooseberry(amla) is a modest fruit that is a storehouse of good health and one of the most significant nutrients in Ayurvedic treatment. It possesses about double the antioxidant power of acai berry and roughly 17 times the antioxidant power of pomegranate. It truly deserves to be classified as a superfood.

    Why order from Nutraj?

    Trust of Nutraj: We are a trusted household brand with a more than 90-year history, and we provide the highest quality to fulfil the demands of our growing clientele.

    Health: Gooseberries are high in antioxidants such as phytonutrients and vitamins E and C, which may help preserve your brain and fight ageing, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

    Hygiene and Safety: We have always followed rigorous industry standards while providing the finest to our consumers. Our packets are pathogen-free and have been approved by government-certified laboratories. We also bring you India's first bacteria-free nuts, known as 'Bactopure' nuts, which keep germs and diseases at bay.

    Anytime Snack: Early morning is the best time to drink amla, especially during the winter when the temperature drops. Aside from cleaning the colon, it also eliminates extra toxins from the body and is a good source of natural Vitamin C and calcium.

    Product Descritptions: The exclusive package of 200 g Seedless Nutraj Dried Gooseberry comes with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Nutraj Dried Gooseberries are meticulously selected, chosen, processed, and packed to ensure maximum safety. Since 1926, we have kept true to our history in the dry fruits sector by providing only the best from across the world to our consumers.

    Basic info about Dried Gooseberry

    Gooseberries are related to currants and range in size from half an inch to one inch. They might have a smooth or somewhat fuzzy appearance, and the transparent skin can contain stripes or not. The berries are available in a range of hues, including yellow, red, pink, green, and purple, with the deeper the colour indicating a sweeter flavour. Let’s look at some available varieties:

    Comparison/Difference between different grades of Gooseberries

    1. Achillies: The Achilles is a great European species that deserves more attention from gardeners. It yields little ruby-red fruits with high sugar content and a pleasant dessert flavour for fresh eating.

    2. Black Velvet: The Black Velvet is a spineless hybrid that produces robust growth and small but plentiful fruit that ripens to an almost black red hue and is highly tasty.

    3. Broom Girl: It is a wonderful fruit that ripens to a light yellow and has a delicious flavour. The fruits are oval rather than circular, and they are available around mid-June. The Brook Girl, although being an order variety, is nonetheless worth cultivating.

    4. The Indian gooseberry, also known as amla, is a fruit tree prevalent in Asia. It has a variety of culinary and herbal medical applications, notably in its native India. The fruit is high in vitamin C and is thought to provide antioxidant and heart-health effects.

    Why Dried Gooseberries are a good choice?

    Dry amla fruit has been used as a cardioactive medicine in India since ancient times. Amla also helps lowering cholesterol levels, prevents the buildup of bad cholesterol, and lowers triglyceride levels, which are otherwise harmful to heart health. It is also beneficial to your hair because it strengthens hair follicles and reduces oxidative stress biomarkers. It stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. It also aids in the management of dandruff and the prevention of premature greying.

    Incorporate dried gooseberry into your diet for multiple health benefits:

    Dried Gooseberry Nutritional Fact

    Amla berries are rich in antioxidants, which reduce the risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

    Dried Gooseberry Health Benefits

    1. Diabetes Control: The soluble fibre in dried gooseberries dissolves fast in the body, which helps to reduce the rate at which sugar is absorbed. This can assist to prevent blood sugar fluctuations. Amla berries also improve blood glucose and cholesterol levels in persons with type 2 diabetes.

    2. Better Digestion: Dried gooseberry has fibre that helps the body regulate bowel motions and may help reduce symptoms of illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome.

    3. Healthier Eyes: Dried gooseberries are high in vitamin A, which is important for eye health. Vitamin A not only improves eyesight but may also reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

    4. Memory and Brain Health: Amla's phytonutrients and antioxidants can help with memory by combating free radicals, which can destroy brain cells. Amla's high vitamin C content aids in the production of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter thought to boost brain function in dementia patients.


    Excellent methods to include pecan health benefits into your diet: Gooseberries can be cooked into pies, made into chutneys, compotes, and relishes, or juiced to form a healthy drink.

    ● Relish Gooseberry with Ginger, and Elderflower

    ● Make a Gooseberry Jam

    ● Or a Gooseberry Juice and Smoothie

    Uses & Storage 

    Dried Gooseberries can be used as a healthy snacking option or a gourmet dish on a snack table and Fresh gooseberries can be stored in a closed jar in the refrigerator for up to three weeks. You may also put them in the freezer.


    1.) Are dried gooseberries healthy?/font>

    Yes, they are, as antioxidants found in gooseberries, such as phytonutrients and vitamins E and C, may help preserve your brain and help against diseases including type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and ageing.

    2.) Can you use dried gooseberry as jam?

    Yes, By rehydrating them overnight in the same water they'll eventually be heated in, the jam keeps all of the fruit's rich taste.

    3.) How long are dried gooseberries good for?

    Eat them within 2 weeks of opening or store them in the fridge to keep them fresh.

    4.) Is dried gooseberry good for the skin?

    High collagen content in your skin promotes skin firmness and softness and regular ingestion of dried gooseberry increases vitamin C levels and aids in the formation of collagen in your skin.

    5.) How much-dried gooseberry you should eat per day?/font>

    It is normally suggested to consume 1-2 dried gooseberry every day, but you can take as much as you like.

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