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Nutraj Flax Seeds 200g

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Brand: Nutraj
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    Nutraj Flax seeds 200g 

    Flax seed is a plant-based food that is highly nutritious and has many health benefits. It provides healthy fat, antioxidants and fibres which can help boost health.Nutraj premium flax seeds are a great source of nutrition and can be eaten anytime, anywhere. You can consume flax seeds in your breakfast cereal or have them straight from the pack.

    Why order from Nutraj?

    Trust of Nutraj: We have been delivering irresistible nuts since 1926 and have a strong supplier and consumer base all over the world. We can be trusted to deliver the best in the world of nuts and dried fruits!

    Health: Flax seeds are great for your health and have been recommended in Indian Ayurveda for ages. Packed with healthy fats, fibres and minerals this is one snack item perfect to start your mornings with.

    Hygiene & Safety: We follow rigorous standards when it comes to the hygiene and safety of our consumers. All our nuts and dried fruits come with excellent packaging and we maintain quality standards in the manufacturing, processing and packaging stages. We offer safe and contactless snacking options through - ‘bactopure’India’s first bacteria-free nuts and dry fruits. These are free from any bacteria, virus or disease-causing pathogens. Every pack is certified pathogen-free by Govt approved laboratories thus ensuring the health and safety of our customers at all times.

    Anytime snack: Flax seeds can be had anytime on the Go! You can add them to your seed mix and enjoy them when hungry.

    Product Description: 200 g Nutraj Flax seeds are available in premium packaging with real ingredients and no added preservatives. The flax seeds are carefully sourced, processed and packed in our R&D centres and laboratories and are completely safe to be consumed. We are in the nuts and dried fruits business since last 90 years and have been serving our customers since then.

    Basic info about Flax Seeds

    Flax or linseed originated in the middle east thousands of years ago. Flax seeds are popular as a health food due to their omega-3 fats, fibre and many other plant compounds. Flax seeds are either yellow or brown and are sold either whole, ground or roasted and are also processed into flaxseed oil. Flax seeds have many health benefits such as the reduced risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. They also improve digestion.

    Why flax seeds are a good choice?

    Flax seeds have certain nutrients which make them a great choice. Flax seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids which benefit heart health. Flax seeds contain lignans which are a phytoestrogen, helping reduce the risk of osteoporosis, heart diseases and breast cancer. Flax seeds are an excellent source of fibres which absorb water and slow down digestion. Flaxseeds are a good source of high-quality plant protein.

    Flax comes in several different forms such as whole flax, ground or milled, and flax oil. You can enjoy all the benefits of flaxseeds by having a minimum of 2 teaspoons of flaxseeds in a day.

    Flax seeds Nutritional facts

    Flax seeds are highly nutritious as they contain several nutritional compounds. 100 gms of flax seeds contains approximately 534 calories. They contain 42% fat,29% carbs and 18% protein.

    100 gms of flaxseeds provides

    Calories - 550

    Water - 7%

    Protein - 19 gms

    Carbs - 30 gms

    Sugar- 2 gms

    Fiber - 28 gms

    Fat - 43 gms

    Flax seeds Health Benefits

    1)It may help with weight loss: Flax seeds may be useful as a part of a weight loss diet. They contain soluble fibre which becomes highly sticky when mixed with water. This fiber is effective at suppressing hunger cravings and thus promoting weight loss.

    2)It may help promote heart health: Flax seeds have been associated with major benefits for heart health as they contain omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and fibre. Certain studies have reported that daily consumption of flax seeds or flax seeds oil may lower cholesterol by 6-11%. Flax seeds may improve cholesterol levels and the composition of blood fats. Flax seeds which are high in omega-3 fatty acids help in improving blood platelet function, inflammation and blood pressure.

    3)It may help improve your digestive health: Flax seeds prevent both diarrhoea and constipation. The insoluble fibre in flax seed acts as a laxative and relieves constipation. Soluble fibre binds to water in the stool and prevents diarrhoea.


    Flax seeds contain multiple compounds which benefit health and help prevent weight loss, cancer, and heart disease and improve digestion and constipation. If you are ready to start reaping the benefits of this tiny seed then have around 1-2 tablespoons every day. Flax seeds have a mild nutty flavour and don’t have any particular taste. You can use them in a variety of ways such as

    1)Sprinkle on yoghurt, khichdi or dal chawal.

    2)Add some to your salad.

    3)Add them to your smoothies and granola for breakfast.

    4)Flax seeds are a great item for baked goods. Add them to muffins or pancakes and enjoy.

    Uses & Storage 

    Store them in an air-tight container once opened. Refrigerate for longer shelf life.


    1.) Are Cashews nutritious

    Cashews have a high nutritious value and are rich in antioxidants, which make them a healthy addition to your diet. These nuts are the powerhouse of protein that keeps your health in check.

    2.) Can cashews help reduce weight?

    When consumed in moderation cashews can help reduce weight instead of being high in calories.

    3.) How many cashews can you eat in a day?

    You can consume 3-4 cashews daily for weight control but eating them in moderation is always a good choice.

    4.) Are Cashews Good for energy?

    Eating cashews can provide a lot of energy and keep you satiated for a long time.

    5.) How many calories do cashews have?

    50 gm of cashews contain approximately 280 calories while 100gms contain double the calories.

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