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Nutraj Seedless Black Raisin 200g

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Brand: Nutraj
Product Code: 8906019771974
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    Premium Quality Raisins 

    Premium Quality Nutraj Seedless Black Raisins are incredibly succulent and flavorful. They are a nutritional reservoir and contribute to the treatment of numerous ailments. This little fruit contains several therapeutic characteristics that assist us in taking adequate care of our health. At the same time, it contains various natural components that enhance the texture of our skin and hair.

    Why order from Nutraj?

    Trust of Nutraj: We are a trusted household brand with a heritage of more than 90 years, and we offer the finest in terms of quality to meet the needs of our increasing client base.

    Health: Raisins are nutritious dried fruit that is simple to incorporate into one's diet. It is a good provider of important nutrients. It aids in the reduction of excessive blood pressure, the prevention of anaemia, and a variety of other health advantages.

    Hygiene and Safety: In terms of cleanliness and safety, we strictly adhere to industry norms. Our packets are made in such a way that safety and quality are all maintained.

    Anytime Snack: Though Raisins are a healthy snack it's preferable to eat black raisins that have been soaked overnight, as dry food might aggravate your Vata dosha, exacerbating your gastrointestinal problems.

    Product Descriptions: The exclusive package of 200 g Seedless Black Raisin comes with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Nutraj Seedless Black Raisins are meticulously selected, chosen, processed, and packed to ensure maximum safety. Since 1926, we have kept true to our history in the dry fruits sector by providing only the best from across the world to our consumers.

    Basic Info about Black Raisins

    Found everywhere in the world, regular raisins or black raisins are the most prevalent form of dried grapes. Although they could be created from grapes of any skin colour, they are often produced from seedless Thompson grapes that have been sun-dried for three weeks on paper. As the raisins dry in the sunlight, they become brown to black.

    Comparison/Difference between different grades of Raisins/font>

    Raisins are generally divided into 6 grades and colours:

    1. Regular or Black raisins: Black in colour they are the most found raisins in the world which are sweet and sticky.

    2. Golden raisins: Often known as "A ray of sunlight," they are made from seedless Thompson or Golden seedless grapes that have been dried in a dehydrator or dryer at regulated temperatures and humidity levels.

    3. Sultanas: Sultana is the most confusing and misunderstood form of raisin. Sultana is the name given to a grape type that was traditionally cultivated in ancient Persia to produce "round kishmish." The grape berries are light green to amber yellow in colour.

    4. Currants: Sweet, tangy, and strong in flavour, Currants, also known as Black Corinth, are dried grapes of the same name. They are traditionally produced by sun-drying grapes for up to three weeks.

    5. Red raisins: Red Raisins are made from red-skinned, seedless flame grapes. It is famous for its huge size, which is identical to typical raisins but red. They're incredibly sweet, firm, and high in iron and fibre, making them an ideal snack.

    6. Green raisins: Green Raisins are somewhat thick and chewy, with a mild bitterness like fresh grapes, and are made from green grapes. To make green raisins, the grapes are shade-dried in a well-ventilated but dark indoor environment.

    Why Black Seedless Raisins are a good choice?

    Black Raisins are abundant in nutrients and have a variety of therapeutic benefits. The strong plant components in black raisins are responsible for their health advantages. They strengthen digestive health, regulate blood pressure, support the immune system, promote bone and teeth health, and protect the heart.

    Incorporate black raisins into your diet and reap the advantages.

    Black Raisins Health Benefits

    1. Keep your Blood Free from Impurities: Everyone desires clear skin, and Black Seedless Raisins, which are high in natural antioxidants, help to speed up the liver and kidney processes, which, furthermore, remove harmful free radicals from our systems and thoroughly purify them. All of these are beneficial to having clean and clear skin.

    2. Protects hair fall: Hair loss? Now no more! Black Raisins are rich in iron, a critical and necessary component for our bodies that helps to maintain our circulatory system healthy, which is critical for maintaining blood circulation throughout the scalp, activating hair follicles, and avoiding hair loss.

    3. Fight against Bad Cholesterol: Black raisins have no cholesterol. Rather, it alleviates the negative effects of LDL, or 'bad' cholesterol, in our bodies.

    4. Treat Osteoporosis Successfully: Apart from potassium, black raisins have a significant quantity of calcium, which is important for our bones. A lack of this mineral can lead to serious bone problems such as osteoporosis. However, black raisins can boost our calcium levels and help us cure these conditions successfully.


    Black raisins are commonly used in Indian desserts, rice dishes, and Kormas. They can also be savoured with milk.

    Uses & Storage 

    To keep black seedless raisins fresh and increase their shelf life, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. If consumed within 6 months, they will taste fine.


    1.) Are Black Seedless raisins good for the skin?

    Consuming black seedless raisins on a daily basis will provide you with antioxidants that help rejuvenate the skin and prevent damage and sagging.

    2.) Are Soaked Black Seedless Raisins Good?

    Yes, they are incredibly good for the body as they detoxify the body and provide several nutritional advantages.

    3.) What vitamins are there in Black Seedless Raisins?

    Vitamin A and C and other chemical antioxidants are present in Black Seedless Raisins.

    4.) How much amount of Black Raisin is a good amount to eat per day? 

    The consumption of black seedless raisins should not exceed 40 to 50 gm per day since it might harm our digestive system.

    5.) Can Black seedless Raisins help cure a common cold?

    Raisins' strong antioxidant content can help cure a common cold if consumed on a daily basis.

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