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Nutraj Signature Cashew Nuts (Plain) W240 200g - Vacuum Pack

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Additional Information

Brand: Nutraj
Product Code: 8906019772759
Availability: In Stock

    Premium Quality Cashew- 200g Vacuum Pack 

    With Nutraj’s premium quality W240 cashews 200g vacuum pack you get a nutritious dose of nuts that keeps your health in check. Cashews are high in vital fatty acids, potassium, and antioxidants, all of which are good for your heart. It also includes phytosterols, phenolic compounds, and oleic acid, which promotes heart health and strengthens blood vessels.

    Why order from Nutraj?

    Trust of Nutraj: We have been in business for over 90 years and are one of the country's largest nut importers. We are a well-known nuts company that delivers high-quality products to our ever-expanding clientele.

    Health: Cashews are high in protein, healthy fats, and antioxidants like polyphenols, which provide several health advantages. They are also low in carbs, particularly when compared to other popular snacks.

    Hygiene and Safety: Nutraj is recognized for manufacturing high-quality nuts while adhering to industry hygiene and safety requirements. Our packs are designed so that quality, cleanliness, and safety are all maintained.

    Anytime Snack: Cashews are a healthy snack option since they are high in fibre, protein, and calories. However, they should be had in moderation in the morning or at night to avoid bloating and weight gain.

    Product Description: A vacuum pack of W240 Cashew nuts has no added preservatives and natural ingredients which are naturally processed, precisely picked and packaged by our in-house professionals. We have been in this industry since 1926 and have become one of the country's largest nut importers by staying true to our heritage in the dry fruit sector and delivering our consumers only the best from across the world

    Basic info about cashews

    Cashews are a type of nut that has a soft texture and a sweet flavour. They are native to South America, mainly Brazil, and were introduced to Africa and India by colonists. These are the most important cashew-producing areas nowadays. Cashews are available raw, roasted, salted, or unsalted.

    W240 Cashews

    W240 cashew is mid-range cashew that is reasonably priced. It has no gluten, no GMO, zero trans fat, and zero cholesterol. They are one of the only 26 grades of cashews available for commercial use.

    Comparison/Difference between different grades of Cashews

    Cashews are classified as white/scorched wholes, pieces, splits, butts, and so on, depending on the form, size, and colour of the kernel.

    Whole Size Cashews: These are high-quality, undamaged, non-split cashew nut kernels that are sold as Whole Cashew Nuts all over the world. They have a nutty flavour and a rich flavour that may be used in recipes such as salted cashew nuts, honey cashews, and other similar ingredients. The whole cashews are further graded into W180, W240, W320, etc.

    Broken Cashews: These are high-quality, split, cashews that are globally sold as Broken Cashew Kernels. Having the same nutritional value as whole-size cashews, these are known for their benefits in the food industry, as they can be added to many dishes such as cashew chocolate, cashew pastry, cashew biscuit, and a protein bar. The broken cashews are further graded into 2pc, 4pc, etc.

    Why are W240 Cashews a good choice?

    W240 Cashews make a good choice as they offer you a handful of nutrition by consuming a small quantity of these big-sized cashews. They are mid-ranged cashews which are big in size, nutty and creamy in taste and don't come at a huge price.

    Cashew Nutritional Facts

    Cashews are a powerhouse of energy and antioxidants that keep your health in check, and including a significant number of cashews in your diet may help you minimise the danger of many diseases.

    Cashews Health Benefits

    Immunity Booster: Cashews are high in zinc and vitamins, which help you stay healthy. Zinc is an immune-boosting component that is essential for basic cell activities, and eating cashews daily will help you improve your immune system.

    It May help strengthen bones: We need a lot of minerals for strong bones, and cashew nuts provide them with all. Cashew nuts are high in copper and calcium, which strengthens our bones and makes them more flexible.

    Helps boost brain functions: The brain is the most active organ in our body, and to maintain its activity, it needs a regular supply of fatty acids from food. Cashew nuts include elements that can help the brain work better and maintain memory sharpness.

    Beneficial for hair: Cashews contain copper, which helps produce the melanin-enhancing pigment that gives hair its rich colour and the vital fatty acid keeps your hair lustrous and healthy.


    Eating regular cashews is boring and you need some good flavoured cashews and recipes to hop on to this tasty nutty snack.

    1. Chocolate Coated Cashews

    2. Kaju Masala: An Indian Curry

    3. Add to sweets and cookies for a nutty and milky flavour

    Uses & Storage 

    Cashews should be stored at a cold temperature in an air-tight jar to keep them fresh and can be mixed with granolas or smoothies for a healthy treat.


    1.) I am suffering from joint pain & kidney issues. Can I eat cashews?

    No, you should not as cashews may cause bloating, constipation and weight gain which can be harmful in both conditions.

    2.) Can I gain weight by eating Cashews?

    Yes, eating 3–4 cashews each day promotes healthy weight gain.

    3.) Do cashews benefit the skin?

    Cashews are rich in antioxidants and include minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron, selenium, and phosphorus that promote healthy, wrinkle-free skin.

    4.) Are Cashews good for a heart patient?

    Cashews' strong magnesium levels may help them avoid heart disease.

    5.) How are Cashews an immunity booster?

    Cashews have zinc in them which is an immunity-boosting compound that is vital for basic cell processes.

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