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Nutraj Signature Pecan Kernels 100g - Vacuum Pack

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Brand: Nutraj
Product Code: 8906019772384
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    Premium Quality Pecan Kernels 

    The premium pack of Nutraj Signature Pecan Kernels are appreciated in the culinary world because they are richer than other nuts. The pecan is a hickory-family tree nut with a crispy texture and sweet flavour. They are sometimes included in luxury nut mixes and mixed with sugar and spices before being baked as a speciality snack or dessert.

    Why order from Nutraj?

    Trust of Nutraj: Nutraj is India's leading retailer of healthy snacks, offering a diverse selection of nuts and dried fruits from across the world. To source the greatest food from all around the world, we leverage a broad global network that we have created over the previous 90 years.

    Health: Pecans are high in calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all of which assist in decreasing blood pressure. The majority of the fat in pecans is in the nutritious form of monounsaturated fat. Eating foods high in monounsaturated fat instead of those high in saturated fat will help decrease harmful LDL cholesterol levels.

    Hygiene & Safety: We have been selling dry fruits and nuts for over 90 years, and we are one of India's major exports due to our practices, quality, and sanitation. Each box of Nutraj is certified pathogen-free by government-approved laboratories, and as part of our commitment to quality, we have also released India's first germs and pathogens-free nuts, ‘Bactopure’ nuts.

    Anytime Snack: Pecan nuts are healthy snacks since they not only fill you up but also give necessary nutrients to the body. They contain Melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep cycles, making them an excellent nighttime snack.

    Product Descriptions: A 100g premium vacuum packaging of Nutraj Signature Pecan Kernels comes with real ingredients and no added preservatives, which are precisely handpicked and sourced by our professionals. We rely on a huge global network created over 90 years to supply our clients with the best in the world.

    Basic info about Pecan Kernels

    Pecans are a kind of nut produced by a hickory tree endemic to North America. They are the primary food source and have been commercially grown since the 1880s. They have a sweet, nutty, buttery flavour and may be eaten raw, roasted, or utilized in a variety of dishes, especially sweets.

    Comparison between different types of Pecans

    There are over 500 pecan species and cultivars available, but these are some of them you can get your hands on and enjoy.

    1. Carya illinoinensis: The shell is thinner and the kernel is thicker than in the other species. Cultivated in the United States and valued by breeders and farmers.

    2. Barton: The proportion of the weight of the kernel with regard to the fruit is 58. It is a young variety. 1kg includes between 90 and 120 nuts.

    3. Shawnee: The kernel's weight proportion in relation to the fruit is 60. It is a young variety. 1kg includes between 100 and 140 nuts.

    4. Carya ovata and Carya cordiformis: The kernel occupies virtually the whole shell of this large fruit with a thin shell. It is a cultivated plant in the United States of America. The cultivars Mahan and Elisabeth belong to this species, and some of these trees are grown on the Spanish Costa del Sol.

    Why are Pecan kernels a good choice?

    Pecans are a kind of tree nut that is high in fibre, copper, thiamine, and zinc, among other minerals. They have been linked to a variety of possible health advantages, including better blood sugar control, heart health, and cognitive function. You may eat them in moderation as part of a healthy diet – and in a variety of ways.

    Pecan kernels nutritional facts

    Pecans are high in fibre, copper, thiamine, and zinc. Copper is important in nerve cell function, immunological health, and red blood cell synthesis. Thiamine is required for the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, which is used to sustain your body.

    Pecan kernel's health benefits

    1. Heart Health: Pecans are high in calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all of which assist in decreasing blood pressure. It also contains monounsaturated fats, which can help decrease LDL cholesterol levels.

    2. Diabetes Management: Snacking on an ounce of nuts when you're hungry helps you feel full, making it simpler to avoid high-carb items and maintain blood sugar levels. Pecans have a very low glycemic index, which means they do not produce an increase in blood sugar, even in diabetics.

    3. Arthritis Relief: Pecans also provide Omega-3 lipids, which can help relieve arthritis symptoms by lowering inflammation. Pecans have anti-inflammatory qualities due to their magnesium, calcium, fibre, vitamin E, and zinc content.

    4. Strengthening Immune System: Pecans include vitamins A, E, and zinc, all of which help your immune system and allow your body to fight infections and heal damage. Pecans also contain folate, which helps protect your DNA from alterations that could lead to cancer


    Excellent methods to include pecan health benefits into your diet:

    ● Shelled pecans can be eaten raw or toasted as a snack or as an addition to a cheese board or grazing board.

    ● They can be added to commercial nut mixes and trail mixes.

    ● Chopped pecans can be used to garnish salads, pasta, gratins, cheese balls, vegetable dishes, soups, desserts, and other recipes.

    Uses & Storage 

    Whole raw or roasted pecans may be used in a variety of dishes or eaten as a snack, and they should be stored in a cold, dry area after opening the pack.


    1.) What do pecan nuts do to your body?

    Raw pecans are high in protein, healthy fats, and fibre, which can help you feel energised and satisfied.

    2.) Is it healthy to eat pecan nuts every day?

    Yes, it is healthy to eat pecan nuts every day as consuming a handful of them daily may help lower cholesterol levels.

    3.) Are pecan nuts good for your brain?

    Yes, pecans are high in nutrients that may help with brain function, such as mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

    4.) Can pecans help in weight loss?

    Yes, Pecans are a deliciously satisfying snack to keep in hand for a nutritious snack that won't leave you feeling deprived and in turn, will help you lose some weight.

    5.) How safe are Nutraj Signature Pecan Kernels?

    Nutraj Signature Pecan Kernels come in safe packaging to ensure hygiene and safety. Also, to ensure the high quality of products we have recently introduced "Bactopure," i.e., India's first germ and pathogen-free nuts.

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