Nutraj Saffron ISO 3632 10 gm

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Brand: Nutraj
Product Code: 8906019774395-PO10
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"Nutraj Saffron”, distinguished for its excellent quality and purity, can be placed amongst the best in the world- It takes about 150 Crocus Flowers, selected and handpicked, to produce just one gram of our Dry Saffron. Our Saffron meets ISO-3632 CAT-1 Standard which is a confirmation of purity, quality, highest aroma, colour strength (Min- 190nm) and free from any adulteration. With a very small quantity of “Nutraj Saffron, you can add exquisite flavour, colour and indulgent aroma to your favourite dishes and drinks as Rice-Pulao, Kheers, Sweets, Soups, Tea, Coffee, Kahwa, Pasta, and endless list of your culinary choices.

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