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Soaked Almonds: Top Benefits & How to Eat


Almonds, considered one of the healthiest and most nutritious nuts, originated in the western parts of Asia and China, although their exact place of domestication is uncertain. Wild almonds are native to modern-day Iran and the neighbouring countries to date. It is believed that Almonds were one of the first trees to be domesticated circa 3000-2000 BCE in Numeira, Jordan. Many cultures consume almonds differently, and the benefits of eating soaked almonds are well documented.

Almonds contain Vitamin E, Fiber, Biotin, Monounsaturated fats, and so many more. The benefits of eating soaked almonds empty stomach is beneficial for vegetarians and vegans due to their high source of protein. In addition, research articles state that almonds are good for managing weight, heart health, and diabetic symptoms due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Soaked almonds' benefits are many, and adding them to your diet will address different health concerns. If you want healthy skin and hair, or looking to boost heart health, lose weight, or aid digestion, soaked almonds are just what you need.

Here are a few health benefits of soaked almonds in detail: 

1) Decrease Bloating 


Almonds or any nuts can cause bloating when consumed in large quantities. This is due to the content of 'oligosaccharides' in nuts. Human bodies cannot break down this content; when these unbroken contents reach the large intestines, it causes pain and bloating. Soaking the almonds in water decreases bloating to a certain degree and makes digestion easier.

2) Improved Memory and Brain Health 


Almonds come packed with memory-enhancing goodness. They are an excellent source of L carnitine which boosts cell production in the brain. As they are a good source of Vitamin E and B6, soaked almonds aid in protein absorption in the brain cells and improved memory. Omega3 & 6 fatty acids also contribute to brain functioning and development. Eating soaked almonds increases the ability to absorb these nutrients to the brain cells improving brain function.

3) Maintain Good Weight 


Regularly consuming soaked almonds decreases bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and aids in weight loss, decreasing fat mass and water weight. In addition to consuming soaked almonds for weight loss, including them in measured quantity also drastically reduces obesity. For those struggling to lose weight, almonds can be the best snack, as they are high in calories.

4) Boost Energy 


Almonds are a healthy and quick choice for light snacks. They are a rich source of Magnesium, Vitamin E, and proteins. They are also packed with B vitamins which can convert food into energy. And therefore, they are excellent at maintaining energy levels throughout the day.

5) Lower the Risk of Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease 


High on antioxidants, the benefits of almonds soaked in water are unparalleled. The Vitamin E in almonds is not only high in antioxidants but also protects cells from oxidative damage, resulting in slower aging and a lowered risk of Alzheimer's disease and cancer.

6) Heart-Friendly  


Magnesium, found in almonds, helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels reasonably. This further results in lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Consuming soaked almonds also lowers LDL cholesterol levels, thus protecting the heart. Due to their rich magnesium content.

7) Safe for Diabetic Patients   


Soaked almonds nutrients like fiber, healthy fats, and proteins ensure diabetic patients do not face sudden sugar spikes. This means that they can consume almonds as a healthy snack as part of their glucose management.

8) Decreases the Risk of Anemia   


Anemia is due to a hemoglobin deficiency, a condition where the red blood cells carry less oxygen to the brain. Soaked almonds contain copper, iron, and other vitamins. Consuming them boosts the hemoglobin level and effectively lowers the impacts of Anemia.

9) Anti-Inflammatory   


Being high in antioxidants, consuming almonds helps to reduce oxidative stress and cell damage. This means lowered cancer risk, a slower aging process, and helps in controlling body inflammation. Inflammation is caused when the body reacts to an infection or damage. It results in swelling in some cases, pain and aches. Therefore, eating almonds can be effective for your overall health.

10) Almond Benefits on Skin   


Apart from other health benefits, almond oil is used extensively in skincare and hair care products. The high antioxidant content delays the breaking down of skin cells and delays aging. It is an excellent moisturizer and promotes glowing skin. Numerous studies document the benefits of the soaked almond for skin and many people incorporate it into their daily skincare routine. Some people crush soaked almonds and use them topically, while others use the oil or almond content personal care products daily.

How to Eat Soaked Almonds   


Almonds are consumed in different forms, they can be either consumed raw or soaked. They can be sliced and added to other food items, blanched almonds are also good for the body. Almond oil has been used for centuries as a cooking oil and they are also used extensively in personal care products. Additionally, you can also consume almonds in the form of milk, butter, and flour according to your desire. To maximize the health benefits, soak a handful of almonds overnight for 8 hours. This increases the benefits of eating soaked almonds empty stomach.

Method to Soak Almonds   


• Wash the almonds well.

• Put washed almonds in a bowl.

• Pour water over the almonds as required. (Salt optional)

• After soaking it overnight or for 8 hours, take them out and consume the required quantity.

Recommended Portion Size   


Being delicious, one can easily overeat almonds. It is essential to remember that consuming more than required almonds that your body requires can lead to potential weight gain. Eating a handful of almonds, around 15-25 seeds a day, is beneficial and can be safely added to a balanced diet.

With a wide range of nutritional benefits, adding soaked almonds gives a balanced diet. They are good for the skin, hair, bones, and heart and can help in weight management, among other benefits. Soaking almonds get rid of the chemicals on the cover, and it also makes them easier to digest as they become softer.

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Soaked Almonds: Top Benefits & How to Eat