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Top 8 Extraordinary Benefits of Eating Dates You Should Know

Top 8 Extraordinary Benefits of Eating Dates You Should Know


Dates are single-seed dry fruit with a sweet caramel-like flavor and are a natural sugar source. A common staple food in Middle Eastern countries, dates contain rich nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, and calcium. In addition, they are versatile ingredients that improve taste and nutritional content. With their surprising health benefits, dates are considered a great superfood. Dates are commonly eaten in dried form and are an excellent source of fibre and iron. Once pitted, dates can be nicely chopped and added to different salads, oatmeals, smoothies, baked goods and cereals, and more.

Dates are classified based on their skin, texture and moist content. The dry dates khajoor have an intensive caramel-like flavor and low moisture content, which results in wrinkled, red, and brown skin, whereas the wet dates have a good amount of moisture and juicy content, having a plump and glossy skin.

In India, the wet dates are called Khajoor, and the dry dates are called Chuara. Doesn’t matter if it’s dry or wet, there are a plethora of benefits you can gain just by adding them to their diet.

Wet and Dry Dates Benefits 

Dates contain many essential nutrients, which makes them a vital source of nutrition that needs to be added to your daily diet. The extensive list of high-nutrient profiles comprises by providing some amazing health benefits. Here is a detailed list of khajoor benefits you need to know:

1) Improves Bowel Movement 


Dates are highly beneficial to people who are suffering from constipation. They are loaded with dietary fiber, which helps to promote regular bowel movements. People who face an issue with acute constipation are advised to eat a few soaked dates in the morning, which helps promote the digestive system. The high percentage of insoluble fiber facilitates the volume of feces and eases food movement through the bowel. Also, the regular consumption of dates increases the water content in the digestive tract.

2) Loaded with Antioxidants 


Dates are loaded with a good amount of antioxidants other than any dry fruit, which helps prevent oxidation and eliminate dangerous free radicals from the cells. They are rich in (1) Carotenoids: It is beneficial to protect the body from any disease and improve the function of our digestive system. (2) Flavonoids: They are known for their high anti-inflammatory properties, which help to reduce the risk of Diabetes. Also, they help in protecting the brain from a condition like Alzheimer's. (3)Phenolic Acid: Phenolic acids is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, which lower the chance of developing cardiac issues.

3) Betters Brain Functionality 


Dates contain a good amount of vitamin B, which is beneficial for improving memory and the learning process. The regular consumption of dates helps to lower the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. It is beneficial for improving cognitive performance in older individuals. The dates also contain brain-boosting properties, preventing plaques in the brain and reducing inflammation. Also, the dates help to combat oxidative stress in the brain and lower amyloid beta-protein production, which can further lead to cell death.

4) Fights Diabetes 


Diabetes is a common disease worldwide, with over 442 million people. It is treated using different types of synthetic medicines and insulin supplements. Dates are a great natural source that helps to increase insulin production and reduce the number of glucose levels in the intestine, further reducing the risk of diabetes. But since dates are rich in sugar content, many frequently believe that dates are bad for diabetes patients; however, the trick is to consume dates in moderation. The dates contain a low Glycemic Index (G.I.) of around 44 and 53, making them ideal for inclusion in daily diet.

5) Promoted Bone Health 


Not just consuming vitamin D-enriched food and sunlight sufficient for maintaining good bone health but also adding dates in your daily is a great way to ensure strengthening bones. Dates are a good source of micronutrients like selenium and magnesium, which helps to promote good bone health. These micronutrients help to treat bone conditions like osteoporosis. In addition, the presence of calcium and phosphorus helps absorb more minerals, whereas vitamin K ensures that the bones are healthy.

6) Reduced Inflammation  


Adding anti-inflammatory foods to the diet is the best way to reduce inflammation at par. Dates are one of the popular dry fruits in the world which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and help to reduce chronic inflammation. They are rich in magnesium content and are also beneficial in lowering inflammation. Also, the antioxidants like flavonoids and phenolics reduce the inflammation content in the body.

7) Lowers Cholesterol   


Dates help to treat bad cholesterol in the blood. It cleans the blood vessels by preventing the fats from attaching to the heart and further causing the formation of blood clots. Adding 5 to 6 dates to your daily diet help to maintain a good level of cholesterol, meet the daily nutritional requirement, and lower the harmful risk of preventing strokes, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure. Also, the dietary fiber in the blood helps to lower the cholesterol level in the blood.

8) Reduces Hangover   


Consuming alcohol without limit can lead to the adverse effect of a hangover the very next morning. Dates are a good way to lower the hangover effect as they contain a good amount of potassium which helps to eliminate essential electrons. The dates help in treating alcohol intoxication and prevent a severe hangover. Eating a few dates on empty stomachs are advised to lower the effect of a hangover. Medjool dates help to speed up the process of metabolism and reduce the impact of hangovers.

The high concentrations of vitamin C and vitamin D in dates helps to provide ample skin nutrition. It works to promote skin elasticity which helps in providing soft, plump skin. The nutrients inside the dates help slow the aging process and maintain younger-looking skin. The pantothenic acid provides a natural glow and reduces the acne effect. Apart from this, there are many chuara benefits that one can enjoy after including them into their diet.

Nutritional Facts of Dates   

The high nutritional facts of dates make them a vital addition to including in the daily diet. There are several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contribute to many health benefits of dates. Here is a detailed view of the nutritional value of dates -

Dietary Fibre: Including dates is a great way to increase fiber intake. In a 100-gram serving, dates 6.7g of dietary fiber, which helps to boost our digestive health by promoting regular bowel movements. Also, it helps to reduce the risk of digestion.

Potassium: Not just dietary fiber, dates are rich in potassium too. In a 100-gram serving, dates provide 696mg of potassium, essential for maintaining good heart health and improving the production of protein and muscle in the body.

Protein: Apart from having a delightful taste, dates also contain a small amount of protein which helps the body to repair the damaged cells and produce new ones. It is also vital for growth and development in kids, teens, and pregnant women.

Iron: The consumption of dates helps to meet the daily iron intake. It is a vital nutrient whose deficiency can lead to diseases like anemia. Also, iron is an important mineral in red blood cells which helps carry the oxygen inside the lungs to all different body parts.

Magnesium: Dates are a good source of bone-friendly minerals like magnesium. It helps to support muscle and nerve function and control blood sugar levels and blood pressure. In a 100-gram serving, dates provide 0.96mg of magnesium.

Nutritional Value of Dates   

Dates are known for their high nutritional value, which offers impressive health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants, calcium, vitamin B, and magnesium. It also contains soluble and insoluble fiber content, which helps maintain blood sugar levels. Here is the nutritional value of dates in a 100-gram of serving.

• Calories- 277 Kcal

• Carbohydrates- 74.97 g

• Protein- 1.81g

• Total Fat- 0.15 g

• Cholesterol- 0 mg

• Dietary Fiber- 6.7 g

• Potassium (K)- 696 mg

• Magnesium (Mg)- 0.296 mg

• Manganese (Mn)- 54 mg

• Iron (Fe)- 0.90 mg

• Vitamin B6- 0.249 mg


1) Is it safe to eat dates every day? 

Yes, it is safe to eat 4-5 dates every day, but since they are rich in calories, one needs to keep an eye on the daily intake.

2) Can an individual with diabetes consume dates? 

The dates have a low glycemic index (GI) and good fiber content; therefore, people with diabetes can include 2-3 dates in their diet.

3) Do dates make you gain weight? 

The calorie content in dates is quite high; therefore, the excessive consumption of dates can lead to weight gain.

4) What happens if we eat three dates daily? 

Eating three dates is the right intake of dates as they provide a sufficient amount of energy and help to treat stress and depression.

5) Can dates increase blood sugar? 

Dates have a low glycemic index (GI) which is unlikely to increase the blood sugar level. It is advised to eat dates in moderate quantity.


Adding dates to your daily diet helps in providing multiple health benefits in the long run. One should limit the consumption of dates while keeping the nutritional value of dates in mind to avoid any negative effect. It is suggested to only include 4 to 5 dates in the diet to exclude potential health risks.

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Top 8 Extraordinary Benefits of Eating Dates You Should Know