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Chironji Seeds

Chironji seeds are known for their sweet, slightly acidic, and nutty flavor. It is mostly used in place of almonds in many dishes and is a good source of protein and fat and has a low-calorie count. Adding them to your diet daily can help strengthen the body, relieve tiredness, and boost the immune system. Explore Nutraj Chironji nuts today and begin your journey of consuming this healthy food in different ways!

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Buy Nutraj Chironji (Charoli) Online

Chironji is popularly used in sweet and savory Indian dishes and is known for its versatility. At Nutraj, we are committed to picking up our product range from reliable sources and delivering it to your doorstep. We have a wide range of Charoli seeds packed in different quantities available on our website. Be assured of quality and fair prices when you shop with Nutraj as we are committed to providing only the best range of products to our esteemed customers.

Chironji seeds also known as Charoli in India, are found inside the Chironji fruit. Having a nutty flavor and a slightly acidic and sweet taste, Chironji can be eaten raw, roasted, or fried.

These little nuts are packed with nutrients and essential vitamins and is beneficial for healthy food habits. They can provide strength to your body, relieve tiredness, boost your immune system, aid in weight loss, and can also potentially relieve stress.

The entire tree, from leaves, seeds, fruit, and roots is used to make traditional Indian medicines. It is known to help with headaches, skin conditions, respiratory problems, and ease constipation among other uses. However, it is more popularly known for its use in food items and its almond-like nutty flavor.

How is Chironji Grown and Harvested?

Chironji nuts are small seeds produced from a tree called Buchanania Lanzan which is grown in parts of India and Southeast Asia. It is a hardy plant that thrives in rocky areas and gravelly soil. The tree can grow up to a height of 18 meters. It is cultivated through its seeds, grafting, or root cutting. But germination from seeds is often difficult due to the hard shell that covers the Charoli seeds.

The Chironji nuts are harvested in April and May manually after the nuts mature. From blooming to maturity of the fruit it takes about 5 months and you can identify a mature seed by the change in color – from green to purple.

Health Benefits of Chironji

Because Chironji seeds are an excellent source of Vitamins, nutrients, and fibers, their health benefits are vast. It is popularly used for skin rashes, as a cough treatment, to treat constipation, and heal mouth ulcers. Below mentioned is a detailed list of chironji health benefits:

  • Mouth Ulcer Treatment: The Chironji plant is used to treat mouth ulcers as part of traditional medicine. Owing to its cooling properties, consuming Chironji can cool the body temperature which in turn can give relief to painful mouth ulcers.
  • Coolant: The Charoli nuts reduce body heat and naturally keep the body cool. Hence it is no surprise that Charoli seeds are used extensively in the summer months in different dishes. Its powder is also used to treat itchy skin and prevent prickly heat in the summer due to its cooling properties.
  • Reproductive health: Chironji seeds are considered to be aphrodisiacs and are said to boost vitality and sexual vigor. In India, certain communities start married life by consuming sweets, snacks, or drinks made of Chironji seeds.
  • Diabetes: High in antioxidants, the Chironji seeds extract is known to fight free radicals in the body. This reduces the oxidative stress caused to the body and is good for treating diabetes.
  • Weight loss: Chironji seeds have low calories and are high in protein and fiber. Consuming them prolongs satiety which prevents snacking in between food.

Chironji Nutrition Facts

Chironji is filled with all the essential nutrients required for a body's growth and however it is important to know what every 10g of chironji serving consists of, so you keep your consumption in check:

  • Total Calories - 65.6
  • Calories from Fat - 53.19
  • Total Fat - 5.91g
  • Protein - 1.9g
  • Total Carbohydrate - 1.21g
  • Water - 0.30g
  • Total Carbohydrates - 1.21g
  • Dietary Fiber - 380mg
  • Total Fat - 5.91g
  • Vitamin C - 0.5mg
  • Niacin - 0.15
  • Calcium - 27.9mg
  • Iron - 0.85mg
  • Phosphorus - 53mg

How to Add Chironji in Your Diet

Chironji seeds are known for their versatility. The entire Chironji plant is used for medicinal purposes in traditional Indian medicine. They can be consumed raw, but many prefer roasting or frying them before consuming them as it enhances the flavor.

As a topping: Chironji seeds can be used as a topping in various dishes. They are popularly used in Indian dishes like kheer and halwa as toppings.

Different dishes: Roasted or fried Chironji seeds are popularly used while making Chironji dal. Ensure that the Chironji husks are removed, make it into a paste, and sauté with your chosen spices. The Chironji paste needs to be thoroughly cooked and served with added garnish.

Salad topping: Chironji seeds can also be used as a topping to enhance the flavor of the salad. It also boosts the intake of vital vitamins and nutrients needed by your body daily.

Breakfast: Roasted or fried, Charoli seeds can be added to your breakfast. They are low in calories and high in nutrients. Add them to your breakfast and eat your way to good health.

Baked items: The option to add Chironji seeds to your diet is endless and there is no rule laid down to use it in a certain way. The Chironji seeds can be used in baked items to give them that nutty flavor. Go ahead and explore more recipes, you can add them to your cookies, muffins, and cakes.

Drinks: Known for its nutty flavor, Chironji seeds can be added to your smoothies for extra nutrition. Blend them with other ingredients for a filling drink.

Desserts: Traditionally used in Indian sweet dishes like Halwa and Kheer, you can add roasted Chironji as a nutty and crunchy surprise in other desserts.

How to Store Chironji?

Like all nuts, Chironji nuts can go rancid if stored at room temperature for a long duration. It can be stored at room temperature in airtight containers for a short duration. Ensure that the storage place is cool and dry. However, remember that this method of storage is not advised for the long term.

If stored for a long duration at room temperature, the seeds can become inedible, it will also lose their flavor and nutrition. To maintain its shelf life, you must store the Charoli seeds in the refrigerator or freezer.

Buy Chironji Online in India

You can now buy premium Charoli seeds at an affordable price at Nutraj. We are your one-stop shop for premium quality dried fruits and nuts in India. Our products are handpicked, 100% fresh and natural, and are packed with care. Shop Nutraj Chironji online and also explore our wide range of other dry fruits and nuts. Now you can avail hassle-free shopping from the comfort of your home with assured quality products, only from Nutraj.

Chironji Prices

Nutraj stocks the best Chironji seeds at an affordable price range in different packets. Depending on your needs, we present you with the best Chironji seeds delivered conveniently to your doorstep. Every packet has been given considerable thought and designed to suit the needs of our customers across a wide range spectrum. Now you can buy the best quality Chironji seeds online without shelling out a hefty price. Shop Nutraj chironji today at best prices!


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Buy Chironji Online Wholesale

Do you want to buy our Chironji seeds in bulk for your business or other needs? Do you and your family love Chironji seeds too much that you feel the need to buy them in bulk? Fret not, Nutraj has the best selection of Chironji seeds available at wholesale prices. Explore this option to purchase the Charoli seeds in bulk, reach out today! more


How to eat Chironji?

Chironji seeds can be eaten raw after pre-soaking in water. They can also be roasted and fried and used as a topping or in different food preparation.

The desired portion of Chironji seeds to eat per day?

You can include a handful of Chironji seeds in your diet for maximum benefit. Keep in mind that too much of everything always has an adverse effect.

Is consuming Chironji good for weight loss?

Yes, like all nuts, Chironji nuts prolong satiety by giving the sensation of fullness. This is beneficial for those looking to lose weight.

Is Chironji good for health?

Low in calories and high in protein and essential nutrients, adding Chironji to your diet is good for your health.

How much protein and fats are present in Chironji?

While Chironji seeds are low in calories, they are a good source of protein and fat. 100 grams of Charoli seeds have around 59 grams of proteins and fats.

Is it ideal to substitute Chironji for Almonds in different recipes?

While Chironji seeds do taste like Almonds and can be substituted sometimes, almonds give a higher nutritional value. Hence, it shouldn't be substituted all the time.

Where to buy Chironji seeds?

Chironji seeds are rich in nutrients and essential vitamins and they can be safely added as part of your diet for enhanced nutritional benefits. At Nutraj, you can buy premium Chironji online at affordable prices.

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