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Corn Nuts

Corn nuts are a favorite snack food for health-conscious individuals. They are processed corn kernels with no additional values than a normal corn kernel. Once the corn kernels are removed from the cob, they are processed and different flavors are added. Nutraj Corn nuts are crunchy corn kernels with added flavors to enhance their taste and make your snacking time healthy and tasty as ever.

  • Spanish Corn Roasted & Salted 150gm

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Buy Nutraj Corn Nuts Online

Corn Nuts are a popular snack among many with many flavors to choose from. At Nutraj, we believe in providing the best quality corn nuts online. When shopping for corn nuts or any dry fruits and nuts with us, be assured of quality, both the product and the service. From processing to delivering the product to your doorstep, we believe in being a class apart from other service providers. So put your mind at ease as you shop for healthy food with us. We are committed to putting our clients’ needs first.

Corn Nuts are made of corn, popularly known as Maize. However, it is not just any corn that manufacturers use. They use Cuzco, which is special corn with large kernels to produce the corn nuts. Despite its name, it is not a nut like Almond or walnuts, they are vegetables. They’re low on calories and high on sodium and fats, especially unsaturated fats.

How is Corn Grown and Harvested?

They need full sunshine and thrive in well-draining but moist soil. They use a lot of water and they are sensitive to frost. The interesting thing about corn is that they're wind-pollinated. Since it cannot withstand frost, corn should be harvested before the first frost sets in. From the day of germination to harvesting, it takes less than 100 days.

There are different ways of harvesting corn. If it is harvested for fresh sale, the corn is harvested by hand using a sharp tool. If they are harvested for processing, then machines are used for gathering the corn.

Health Benefits of Corn Nuts

Corn nuts can be part of a healthy diet when taken in moderation. It has many uses from eating as a snack on its own to including it in other food preparations. Corn Nuts are high in carbohydrates and give instant energy. Here are some health benefits of eating corn nuts.

Heart Health: Corn nuts contain a decent amount of unsaturated fats which is proven to promote heart health. It helps lower cholesterol levels and is considered a good snack for people with high cholesterol.

Good Gut Bacteria Formation: It is a rich source of fiber and can help you reach the daily fiber intake needed per day. Corn helps form good bacteria which creates fatty acids in the stomach. A high-fiber diet help in keeping your gut happy and healthy.

Eyesight: Chemicals in corn like lutein and zeaxanthin which are a part of Vitamin A are beneficial for maintaining healthy eyesight.

Promotes Fullness: Corn nuts promote the feeling of fullness upon consumption. Therefore, including corn nuts in your diet may prolong satiety. This will help regulate body weight.

Corn Nuts Nutrition Facts

  • Serving portion – 100g
  • Total Fat: 15.80g
  • Protein: 6.96g
  • Carbohydrates 74.13g
  • Sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Saturated fatty acids 1.67g
  • Trans fatty acid 0.067g
  • Mono Unsaturated fatty acid 10.9g
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acid 3.16g

How to add Corn Nuts to your diet

Corn Nuts can be consumed straight from the package or you can add them to other dishes for a crunchy and tasty surprise. Here are a few ways you can enjoy corn nuts:

Salad: Don't you just love it when you add flavour to your salad by adding a dash of something new? Well, you may add corn nuts to your salad for a crunchy and flavor-packed experience. Add it as it is from the pack or after roasting them further. But you will delight in your new salad as you start consuming health-conscious food.

Dish: Have you thought of adding corn nuts to different dishes? Be it a vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian dish, you may add them for extra flavor or something different. Toss them with your stir fry vegetables and add an extra layer of flavor.

Nuts and dry fruit mix: Everyone loves a good dry fruits/nut mixture for guilt-free snacking. Now you can add corn nuts to the mixture. You may also add them to granola bars for extra energy since corn nuts are high in carbohydrates.

Pizza/Garlic bread: Imagine pizza or garlic bread or any other food. Now imagine a few crunchy corn nuts surprise. Yummy right? Add them to your homemade pizza or garlic bread, you will love the taste.

How to Store Corn Nuts?

Corn nuts are a favorite crunchy snack for many. They are a great snack for house parties, post and before work out snacks, or munching on something anytime. If you have bought a packet of corn nuts, remember that once you open the packet, you must transfer them to an air-tight container to retain their crispiness and extend their shelf life. Corn nuts that are left in the open will go soft and lose their flavour.

Buy Corn Nuts Online in India

Nutraj stocks the best corn nuts at the most affordable prices. Nutraj has consciously decided to only choose products from the most reliable sources. Shop today at Nutraj for a wide range of corn nuts designed to suit every budget and be assured of the best service. We are committed to making premium products and affordable prices synonymous in the Indian market. You can now scroll through our eclectic choice of corn nuts and other dry fruits and nuts from the comfort of your home.

Corn Nut Prices

At Nutraj, you will get only the most premium corn nuts at competitive prices. We have tailored the packages keeping in mind the needs of our clients; therefore, it will suit your needs. Whatever your needs are, be assured that Nutraj has an option for you. Now you can avail of Nutraj Corn Nuts online without shelling out extra money or without any food wastage.

Buy Corn Nuts Online Wholesale

Are you interested in buying corn nuts in bulk for your business or other needs? Do you have a large family who loves to eat corn nuts and you think that buying it wholesale works best? Do you have a thriving business where demand for corn nuts has spiked? You don't need to check out physical stores as Nutraj offers premium corn nuts at wholesale prices. We have the best selection of corn nuts designed to suit your needs. Order today! more


What are corn nuts?

Corn nuts are loose corn kernels that have been processed after removing them from corn cobs. Despite their name, corn nuts do not belong to the nut’s family, they are a vegetable with some health benefits.

How to eat Corn Nuts?

Corn nuts are already processed and deep-fried before reaching you. You can eat it straight from the packet as a snack, you can toss them with other vegetables for a healthy dish. Add them to salad for a crunchy surprise, add them to your breakfast, or mix it with other dried fruits and nuts. The options are limitless and the choice is yours to make.

The desired portion of corn nuts to eat per day?

You can take 1/3 cup of corn nuts in a day. This will include fiber and unsaturated fats in your diet without going overboard with saturated fats, sugar, and salt.

Are corn nuts good for the heart?

Corn nuts contain a decent amount of unsaturated fats which are proven to promote heart health. It helps lower cholesterol levels and is considered a good snack for people with high cholesterol.

Are corn nuts good for health?

Corn nuts are a good source of fiber, protein, and unsaturated fats while being low in calories. Adding corn nuts to your existing diet in limited amounts will give you positive health benefits.

Where to buy Corn nuts?

Nutraj offers the most premium corn nuts to suit your needs. We have a wide range of dry fruits and nuts on top of our selection of corn nuts. Shop now at Nutraj online and be assured of quality and safety.

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