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21 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Special Ones Feel Extra Special


Nothing is as blissful as letting your love, emotions, and thoughts roll out in front of your better half. But, especially during the love week, there's something special about expressing your love to your special one with a gift by your side. However, gifting a perfect valentine's gift is more like an ultimate hunt in an ode to troll for the best valentine day gift ideas and choose something out of it.

Since Valentine's Day 2023 is fast approaching, you might be searching for the best valentine gift hampers options to make your special ones feel extra loved. With this, you need to also make sure that your valentine gifts stand out from all the times and should be something they can cherish forever.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Every Special Relation 


Love is unconditionally beautiful and finds its way to bind the hearts together, be it a relationship of mother-daughter, husband-wife, brother-sister, best friends, boyfriend-girlfriend, or more. Valentine gifting can be tricky as the valentine gifting options may differ from one relationship to another and when people want to gift something special yet thoughtful. In this blog, we will share 26 unique valentine gift ideas for every special relationship and help you make your upcoming valentine's day worth remembering.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Him 


Go scouting for special valentine's day gifts for him and help them embrace their health and fitness goals. Gifting healthy presents to your partner would make them feel special immediately, and they would utilize your gift to build healthy plans.

1) Assorted Dry Fruits Gift Box 

Who doesn't love munching? By gifting an assorted dry fruits gift box to your loved one, you would encourage them to hop on healthy munching. Check out Nutraj Dry Fruits gift box range that combines healthy fats, protein, fibers, minerals, and vitamins. Remember, nothing is as important as your special one's health, and this gift would be just what their health needs.

2) Gym Equipment 

Next in line is to aid your special one in building a home-gym. Go exploring some gym equipment that can be useful for his daily workout, like, dumbbells, home gym set, yoga mat etc. These can be a great valentine gift idea if they have been planning to hit the gym for a very long but couldn't.

3) Healthy Snack Hamper 

Snacks that are healthy and taste so good can make your foodie valentine go mad over love. Prepare a handmade hamper with some dry fruits, chocolates, spanish corn nuts, dried berries and much more. All these delicious healthy snacks are easily available on Nutraj. So go exploring the range today and surprise your love with an unpredictable hamper.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Husband 


The joy of seeing your significant other happy and excited is an out-of-the-world feeling. Though finding the right gift for your husband is a tough nut to crack, we still have some of the best valentine gift options lined-up for you.

4) Membership to a Fitness Club 

For your gym-freak husbands, nothing can be as gratifying as an annual fitness club membership. As a cherry on top, you can also buy one for yourself. Remember, the couple that slays at gym together, stays together.

5) Candle Light Dinner at Home 

Is your husband a big fan of your cooking skills? Perfect! It's time to woo them with your hands-on cooking skills. Make their favourite dinner, assemble it together on a romantically decorated table, and wait for your spouse to fall for you all over again.

6) Home-Baked Cake  

Love baking for your dear one? Here's your moment to make them feel extra special by preparing a home-baked cake with the flavour of their choice. Don't forget to load it with Nutraj dry fruits and here you go, your surprise cake will make him adore you a little more!

Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend 


Valentines is a great chance to shower love on your better half and stun them in the most amazing way like they always do to you. Surprise your boyfriend with heart touching presents, here's how.

7) Couple Portrait Picture   

A picture is an eternal legacy that stays a forever treasure. Gifting your boyfriend the same would be a great idea as it will mark a special occasion, lasting a lifetime. Choose your best picture together and make that moment of your life memorable for ages.

8) Coffee Mugs   

Gifting a coffee mug indeed is an ideal gift for your boyfriend as it would stay with him for a long time. Every time he wants to have tea, coffee, or water, having it in the coffee mug will remind him of you. Coffee mugs can also be personalized, so if you want to place your favourite picture or particular date, it can easily be done.

9) Grooming Kit   

Even your boyfriends deserve a little pampering & self-care, and that's when grooming kits come into the picture. For your partners who are obsessed with their skin and beard, gift them a thoughtfully curated grooming kit keeping their personal grooming needs in mind.

Long Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas 


Long-distance relationships deserve a little extra effort when it comes to Valentine gifting. Unfortunately, sometimes even the tangible gifts fail to do justice and that's when personalization works. We have listed the best long distance valentine’s day ideas for you.

10) Custom Star Map   

Customized star maps are one of the best-personalized gifts to surprise your loved one. The star map indicates the brewing love of two different individuals, living in two different states, cities, or countries. You can also include a specific date or time to mark this gift as super special.

11) Virtual Date Night   

Get closer to each other in a unique way by arranging a virtual date night with your long-distance love. Ask them to make the same dish as you or order it from outside, place it nicely with a candle, and get connected over a video call. With this, you can enjoy the special moments of candlelight dinner, even staying distant.

12) Virtual Movie Date   

Similar to virtual date night, the idea of a virtual movie date is to enjoy private time watching the movie that you might be missing out on while staying away. Decide a movie your partner would love to watch, and arrange the screening. Here you go, enjoy valentines like never-before.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her 


The best part about Valentines' gifting is you never run short of options, as there's so much you can select from. In case you are confused between the best valentine day gift ideas for her, we are here to help you.

13) Chocolate Gift Boxes   

Chocolates are like an evergreen gifting idea that never gets old, and she would always love them. However, you have to make sure it comes in a valentine-gift-worthy packaging so she can go in awe once you hand it over to her. Don't forget to explore Nutraj's chocolate gift boxes to surprise her with the best!

14) Writing Journal   

If she's someone with less words and more thought, somebody who loves to write, nothing can be as great as a writing journal. Choose a cute writing journal of her favorite color and ensure it has enough pages. You can even add a personalized pen and gift it along.

15) Shopping Gift Card   

For your partner who loves going on shopping almost each and every day, surprise her with a shopping gift card. Trust us, she will love it more than anything, and there's no bigger happiness than seeing your special one happy.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Wife 


Your wife is the one who celebrates even your little milestone with a big smile, and here's your time to make her feel special in the most incredible way. Have a look at the best valentine gift ideas for your wife and give your queen the happiness she deserves.

16) Indoor Plants   

For those aesthetic-lover wives, indoor plants can be a great gift as they would add to your home's well-being and decor. Being a husband, you might know their taste in the plants' selection and the space it will be suited well. Considering the same, shop for an indoor plant and complement it with a love note.

17) Jewelry Storage Box   

Gifting jewelry pieces is too mainstream, gift her something she would utilize well. Since your wife will have enough jewelry that may take up too much space, get her a storage box to keep everything organized. Additionally, the storage box will help her keep all the jewelleries safe at one place.

18) Lounge Wear Set   

Women go after comfy clothes as they enjoy a state of calmness complemented by casual clothing. This valentines', gift your better half a comfortable loungewear set that she can lounge on, every time she's home. Make sure the lounge wear you choose has a soft fur-like fabric.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Girlfriend 


When it comes to gifting something to your girlfriend, you know it has to be nothing short of extraordinary, as it adds to your blissful memories. Here are a few valentine gift ideas for your girlfriend you would want to consider.

19) Personalized Water Bottle   

Hydration is the key to healthy glowing skin, and gifting her a personalized water bottle is a great way to deliver this healthy message. You can get pictures printed over the bottle or even both of your initials, along with a special message encouraging her to drink enough water throughout the day.

20) Soft Toys   

Soft and squishy toys are another great idea to gift your girlfriend, as they call for endless cuddles when you are not around. Not just this but by gifting soft toys, you are making timeless memories and giving them a sleeping companion to share talks with.

21) Night Skincare Essentials   

If your girl is obsessed with night skincare, which she might be, go shopping for some best night skincare essentials. Take help from your female friends or sisters in product selection as you might need to learn what all procedures and products dedicatedly work for night skincare routine.

Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 


Gifts are shortcuts to instant happiness, and when it is unique, the joy triples. Finding unique valentine day gift ideas may sound easy, but it takes you a lot of time to actually see them. Flowers, cakes, and greeting cards have grown so much as common that you would always think of something out of the box. This Valentine's stun your special with a customized chocolate gift box from Nutraj because chocolates are everybody's favorite, and Nutraj gift boxes come with an extra twist of healthiness added to them.

Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas 


Every year valentines' day is celebrated as it's an excellent time to bring out your unsaid emotions and let your special one know what they mean to you. By sending a cute valentine gift, you can easily rekindle your old love moments, and make new memories to cherish forever. You can shop for cute soft toys, a personalized dry fruit chocolate box, handwritten love notes or a beautiful photo frame.

Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 


Sometimes just sending gifts is not everything, expressing love is also essential. This Valentine's Day 2023, put thought into your gifting idea and turn it creative. Share love the healthy way and gift them something that would add to their healthiness. For example, purchase a gym subscription and motivate them to stay fit and healthy, or you can shop Nutraj chocolate gift boxes that are nutritious and delicious.

Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 


By expressing love, you just don't make someone feel admired but also make them realize their paramount existence. On top of it, when you convey your feelings with heart-melting gifts, the love only deepens. In case you are thinking of something right off the bat, try exploring homemade valentine day gift ideas. Bake a flavorsome cake at home or a fresh lot of cookies. You can even prepare healthy and nutty chocolate snacks for your fitness-freak valentine and complete your gift with a heartfelt handwritten and hand-painted greeting note.

Healthy Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas 


Love and health are the basics of our life, and what better than delivering the best of both together? This valentines' surprise your better half with something that they never expected. Gift them something they would cherish for life, be it the moment, thoughtfulness, or virtues of health. Check for the best healthy valentine day gift ideas and shop dry fruit boxes online or dry fruit chocolate gift boxes from Nutraj that are the finest in quality and equally nutritious. Check now!

Best Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Him, Her, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband and Wife 

♥♥♥Valentine's Days Gift ♥♥♥     ♥♥♥Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas♥♥♥
Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him     Assorted Dry Fruits Gift Box, Gym Equipment, Healthy Snack Hamper
Valentine's Day Gift For Husband     Fitness Club Membership, Candle Light Dinner at Home, Home-Baked Cake
Valentine's Gifts For Her     Chocolate Gift Boxes, Writing Journal, Shopping Gift Card
Valentine's Gift For Boyfriend     Couple Portrait Picture, Coffee Mug, Grooming Kit
Valentine's Day Gift For Wife     Indoor Plants, Jewelry Storage Box, Lounge Wear Set
Valentine's Day Gifts For Girlfriends     Personalized Water Bottle, Soft Toys, Night Skincare Essentials


With so many valentine gifting ideas, you might be juggling between what to choose and what not however, remember that at the end, all that matters is the love between you two. No matter what you choose, we are sure your valentine will love it the most. And a gift complemented by your words and expression will always work like magic. Happy Valentines’ Day! Hope this time you #ShareLoveTheHealthyWay just like Nutraj!

21 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Special Ones Feel Extra Special