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Dried Prunes

A delicious and nutrient-rich fruit; dried prunes, also known as dried plums, have been enjoyed for centuries across the world. Dried prunes have been increasingly popular as a flexible ingredient and an easy snack due to their delicious taste and numerous health benefits. Check out our Nutraj dried prunes today!

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Buy Nutraj Dried Prunes Online

If you are considering adding this nutritious superfood which ranks high for its multiple health benefits, you need to choose the best quality. Nutraj Dried prunes are high in fiber and antioxidants, and promote bone health among many health benefits. It is one thing to know of the health benefits and another thing to ensure you have access to high-quality products. With Nutraj, you can rest assured that we stock premium quality dry fruits and nuts. Shop today!

What are Dried Prunes?


Dried prunes are dried plums that contain several vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants that can help reduce the risk of several chronic diseases. Prunes comes from a variety of plum that are intended to be consumed dried, rather than fresh.


Prunes have a long history, from thousands of years ago. They're thought to have come from western Asia, based on ancient evidence that plum trees had been cultivated as far back as 4,000 BC. In the 16th century, plums were grown all over Europe and eventually made their way to North America through Spanish explorers. California is now one of the largest producers of dried prunes in the world.


How Are Prunes Cultivated and Harvested?


It is the temperate regions with well-drained soil and plenty of sunshine that produce the best plums. Plums are the fruits from which dried prunes are produced. Selection of appropriate plum varieties, planting shrubs, and adequate irrigation and care are part of the extensive cultivation process. They're best planted in their dormant season right before the growing season begins. The plums ripen and are ready to be plucked in the summer months. Harvesting plums are a pretty labor-intensive job.


Health Benefits of Nutraj Dried Prunes


Dried prunes are known for their sweet and tasty flavor and offer a wide range of health benefits owing to their high nutritional profile. Here is a list of some key health benefits that dried prunes offer:


Improved Gut Health: Dried prunes improve gut health as they are an excellent source of dietary fiber. Consuming dried prunes can prevent constipation and promote healthy digestion. They contain a natural laxative called sorbitol, which aids in maintaining regular bowel movements.


Antioxidant-rich: Dried prunes are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C. They work to neutralize free radicals in the body which are harmful. They help lower blood glucose and bad cholesterol. They are crucial in reducing the risk of chronic diseases, like cancer and heart disease.


Enhanced Bone Health: The anti-inflammatory and high antioxidant properties in dried prunes are beneficial for bone health. Since dried prunes are a rich source of essential minerals like potassium and boron, consuming them will ensure that you maintain strong and healthy bones. Who wants to run the risk of developing chronic osteoporosis?


Improved Cardiovascular Health: Dried prunes are low in sodium and fat and rich in potassium. This means that consuming the correct portion regularly may support heart health. They also help to regulate blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.


Improved wellness: As dried prunes are high in nutrients, consuming them will provide essential vitamins and minerals that the body requires. High in vitamin K, vitamin A, iron, and magnesium, dried prunes contribute to improved bodily functions and overall well-being.


 Nutritional Facts of Dried Prunes


Dried prunes are a rich source of nutrients and vitamins that offer many health benefits. Are you looking to add them to your diet? Here’s a list of nutrition facts that will give you a clear understanding of the quantity needed to be consumed. A 28g serving of dried prunes contains:


  • Calories: 67
  • Carbohydrates: 18 grams
  • Fiber: 2 grams
  • Sugars: 11 grams
  • Protein: 0.7 grams
  • Fat: 0.2 grams
  • Vitamin K: 21% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI)
  • Vitamin A: 9% of the RDI

How to Add Dried Prunes to your Diet


Snacks: Eat them as they are. Not only are they nutrient-rich, but they're also tasty as well. This makes it an easy-to-eat snack. They give a quick energy boost and are perfect for anyone who needs a quick energy booster.


Breakfast: You can add dried prunes to your oatmeal for a healthy and tasty breakfast. Chop them or use them whole. You can mix them into your oatmeal with other fry fruits and nuts to make a wholesome breakfast.


Dessert: They serve as an excellent topping for your dessert. Add them to cut fresh fruits, ice cream toppings or any dessert for a flavoursome dish.


Mixture: You can mix them with different nuts and dried fruits for a healthy mix. You can also add them to homemade granola bars.


Baked items: Dried prunes are excellent to use while baking cookies, bread, or cakes.


Drinks: You can pre-soak them or use dried prunes as is for this recipe. Blend them with other ingredients for a healthy drink or smoothie.


Jam: You can make jams out of the prunes and use them as prune butter.


There are uncountable ways of using dried prunes in your diet, get yours today from Nutraj and start experimenting. Who knows, you might come up with an interesting original recipe!


How to Store Dried Prunes?


If you've purchased Nutraj premium dried prunes, ensure that you transfer them to an air-tight container immediately as they tend to go rancid. The container must be clean and dry before storing the dried prunes. Cool, dark places in the pantry are a good place to store them, however, to extend the shelf life of the dried prunes, you can refrigerate them.


Buy Dried Prunes Online In India


The best place to get dried prunes online is Nutraj. We offer the most premium products at competitive prices. All our products are carefully chosen to ensure only the best quality for our clients. With our premium dried prunes, you are on your way to achieving your health goals. Top quality and competitive prices assured, at Nutraj, we have made shopping for dried fruits and nuts easier than ever. Shopping is now just one swipe away. Don't forget to check out our range of delicious and healthy assortments today!


Dried Prunes Prices


Online shopping for the best quality dried prunes has never been easier than with Nutraj. Our range of products is assured of quality and is competitively priced. Get your dried prunes delivered to your doorstep as we ensure stress-free shopping and efficient delivery.


Buy Dried Prunes Online Wholesale


Are you looking to buy dried prunes online at a wholesale price? Nutraj is here to help! Our dried prunes prices are the best in the market and we assure only premium quality. Why delay? Get in touch with us for your bulk queries! more


Are dried prunes and plums the same?

Yes, dried prunes are dehydrated plums that have been dried to remove the moisture content. The sweetness of the plum is intensified in the drying process, it also creates a shrivelled texture.

How to eat dried prunes?

Dried prunes, a versatile food, can be consumed in multiple ways. As a snack, as a drink, breakfast cereal, salad, dry fruits and nuts mixture, salad, dessert toppings, baked goods, etc.

Is it healthy to eat dried prunes every day?

Yes, as long as you do not exceed the recommended portion, Prunes can turn out to be a great addition to your diet.

How many dried prunes should I eat per day?

Around 4-5 pieces of prunes is the ideal portion size. However, do consider your overall calorie and fiber intake as moderation is the key.

Can dried prunes help with digestive issues?

Yes, dried prunes have natural laxative properties as they are high in fiber and moderate sorbitol content. They give relief to constipation and help promote regular bowel movements.

Are there any side effects of consuming dried prunes?

Moderation is the key here. Excessive consumption may cause bloating and gas for some people. It can also cause increased bowel movement and digestive discomfort.

Are dried prunes suitable for people with diabetes?

Dried prunes have a low glycemic index although they are sweet making them a good safer option than other sweet snacks. However, check the carbohydrate content in your meal plan, and as always, moderation is key.

How should dried prunes be stored?

Story them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight in an airtight container. Exposure to moisture can lead to rapid spoilage. To extend shelf life, you may store the dried prunes in the fridge.

Can dried prunes help lower cholesterol levels?

Yes, as dried prunes are fiber-rich, they can help reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. It is most important, however, to strive for an overall healthy lifestyle and make heart-healthy choices. This includes moderate exercise and a balanced diet.

Are there any precautions to consider when consuming dried prunes?

Dried prunes contain sorbitol which has laxative properties if consumed in excess. If you have pre-existing digestive disorders, it might get triggered.

Can dried prunes be consumed during pregnancy?

To be safe, it is always advised to consult your doctor for any addition or modification in the diet while pregnant. However, dried prunes are generally considered safe to consume during pregnancy.

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