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9 Healthy And Delicious Dry Fruit Recipes You Must Try

Nuts and dry fruits have been a part of the Indian diet for generations and are added to a variety of recipes. They are mainly used due to their extensive nutrition profile and long shelf-life. Dry fruits are highly nutritious and contain several minerals and vitamins along with healthy fats, protein and carbs. Let’s look at some healthy and delicious recipes that you should try.

1) Dry Fruit Laddu Recipe 

Dry fruit laddu is an easy energy-filling recipe that is healthy and tasty. For making a dry fruit ladoo you will need different dry fruits of your choice. You need not add sugar or ghee as dry fruits contain enough fats and sugars. You can roast some almonds in a pan or use roasted almonds. You can take some figs and dates for some sweetness and add pistachios and cashews. Quantity can vary based on your preferences. You can add them all to a mixer/grinder and add some cardamom powder. Grind the mixture well and start making laddus from it. You can enjoy them during Navratri fast or serve them during occasions like Diwali.  

2) Dry Fruit Cake Recipe   

There is nothing quite like having a piece of moist fruit cake during teatime. If you enjoy baking and love dry fruits then this dry fruit cake recipe is a must try for you. 

Chop all your nuts such as almonds, cashews and raisins and keep them aside. Take 1.5 cup maida, sieve baking ½ tsp baking soda and ½ tsp baking powder. Mix all three well. Melt some butter(¾ cup) and it it to the baking mixture. Add ¾ cup powdered sugar(You can also use jaggery and dates instead to make it a healthy cake). Add half a cup of condensed milk and wisk the mixture. Now add all the chopped dry fruits and berries. Pre-heat over at 180 degrees. Take a baking pan, grease with butter and pour the mixture on it. Let it heat for 25 minutes and check if the cake has baked properly. Once the cake is baked completely remove it out of the oven and enjoy your dry fruit cake!


3) Dry Fruit Chikki Recipe  

Chikki is a sweet snack that can be had anytime after meals or with coffee. The traditional chikki recipe is made from jaggery and peanuts, but to make a dry fruit chikki recipe, you can add dry fruits for better taste and health. To make chikkis, take some nuts in a pan and roast them on low flame for 10 mins. In a large kadhai,add 1 tsp ghee, 1 cup jaggery, and ¼ cup water. Mix all of it well and make sure the jaggery dissolves. Boil for 6-7 mins or until the syrup is frothy. Added roasted nuts and some cardamom powder. Make sure jaggery syrup coats well on the nuts. Immediately pour the mixture on a greased butter paper or a steel plate greased with ghee and roll it will a rolling pin. Allow it to cool and cut it into pieces when its still warm. Serve the dry fruit chikki when completely cool and store in an air tight container. 

4) Dry Fruit Halwa Recipe  

Dry fruit halwa is a great choice for those days when you want to eat an Indian dessert without feeling guilty. You can make dry fruits halwa by adding dry fruits of your choice. Chop nuts in a chopper. Blend dates and figs with milk and ghee as these won’t chop that well. Add ghee to a pan and add the nuts and dates and figs mixture. Keep stirring until you see ghee leaving the sides of the pan. Turn off the gas and have them once it cools.  

5) Dry Fruit Milkshake Recipe    

You can add dry fruits to various milkshakes and give them a healthy twist. A classic example would be banana and apple dry fruit shake. Almonds and walnuts go well with them and give a nice crunch to the milkshake. You can also prepare strawberry milkshake and add some seeds and dates to it for sweetness. 

6) Dried Fruit Biscuit/Cookies Recipes   

Delicious mini bite sized cookies with dry fruits are a yummy recipe one must-try. To make dry fruit cookies, add ¾ cup butter,¼ cup sugar and ¼ teaspoon baking powder in a bowl and blend. To the baking mixture add some cardamom and 1 cup flour (maida) slowly. Now add powdered dry fruits such as almonds and pistachios and mix it all. Bake the mixture in a cookie sheet at about 170 degrees or till it is golden brown.

7) Fruit Salad with Nuts Recipe    

Wash all fruits such as apple, pear, watermelon or any other seasonal fruits, add some honey, chopped mint, some dry fruits such as almonds and walnuts , some pumpkin or cucumber seeds, some lemon juice and mix. Enjoy your dry fruit salad!  

8) Dry Fruit Bars Recipe    

 A healthy and sugar-free bar made with dry fruits can be an ideal snack after a workout or during the festive season. To make a dry fruit energy bar take 1 cup dates and soak them in hot water for a few hours. Blend to a smooth paste and keep aside. 

In a kadhai, take some cashews, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Roast them on a low flame for 5 minutes. Now add some dry coconut and continue to roast. Take some dates, make a paste of it and, cook it till it thickens, now add the roasted nuts and some cardamom powder and salt. Turn off the flame and mix well. Make sure everything is combined well. You may add rolled oats or protein powder at this point to make your bar healthier. 

Transfer the entire mixture to a greased plate lined with baking paper. Set it into a block and put it in the refrigerator for an hour. Unmold and cut the bars into pieces. Serve the dry fruit bars and store them in a refrigerator.

9) Dry Fruit Barfi Recipe     

Dry fruit barfi is an easy recipe for trying out in Diwali. All you have to do is take some dry fruits such as almonds, cashews, pistachios and grind them or cut them in tiny pieces. Blanch some figs and raisins in hot water and then add them to the dry fruit mixture. Add desiccated coconut as well. Take a kadhai, put some ghee, roast some sesame seeds and add the entire mixture to it. Separate the mixture into two parts, make two logs and flatten them out. Cut them into pieces and enjoy your dry fruit barfi!  

With these mouth-watering and delicious dry fruit recipes, you are sure to be called the master chef of the family. Don’t forget to try these recipes using Nutraj dry fruits and enjoy them in between meals or as desserts!

9 Healthy And Delicious Dry Fruit Recipes You Must Try