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Walnuts are a beloved snack in many cultures. Its rich nutty flavor is an excellent item to add to different dishes. In Latin, walnuts are called Juglansregia, which means “Jupiter’s royal acorn.” A native of Persia, walnuts are cultivated worldwide and are a prized food item.

Walnut skin and shell are not edible, but the nut is softly crisp and earthy and has a unique flavor.

Nutritional Value of Walnuts

The nutritional value of walnuts is high, as in one serving of walnuts (7 walnuts), there are 185 calories, 2.5 gms monounsaturated fats, 1.7 gms saturated fats, 4.3 gms protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and sugar.

As they are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, each serving of walnut contains:

• Up to 3% of your daily recommended amount of calcium

• Up to 10% of your daily iron

• Up to 5% of your daily potassium

• Up to 14% of your daily magnesium

• 7% of your daily folate

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Health Benefits of Walnuts

1)Improved Heart Health

Walnuts can promote heart health as they are high source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to benefit the cardiovascular system. Omega3 fatty acids reduce LDL, a form of bad cholesterol, and encourage the production of good cholesterol. They can also reduce inflammation and boost blood vessel function in the body. This will reduce the risk of plaque build-up and promote a healthy heart.

2)Reduce Cancer Risk

Walnuts are rich in Bioactive components like phytosterols, gamma-tocopherol, ellagic acid, and related compounds, and various antioxidant polyphenols are said to have anti-cancer properties. Consuming a few walnuts will help reduce cancer risk as they are rich in beneficial plant compounds, a valuable addition to a cancer-prevention diet. Walnuts may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, such as colon, breast, and prostate cancer.

3)Proper Brain Functioning

Omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts are suitable for brain function, slow down cognitive decline, and help with depression. An 8-week study shows that eating walnuts improves comprehension and increases brain function.

4)Help with Weight Loss

The high fibre content in walnuts makes you feel fuller and is a good snack. It prolongs satiety which can help in your weight loss journey. One of the significant benefits of eating walnuts is due to its ability to regulate weight.

5)Decreased Inflammation

The essential fatty acids in walnuts fight inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease. It can also help with other inflammatory conditions like asthma, eczema, and arthritis. The use of walnut is therefore encouraged to help with reducing inflammations.

6)Boosted Immunity

Add walnuts into your diet if you want increased immunity and prevent the onset of diseases. Walnuts present vitamins and minerals such as copper and vitamin B6 which may boost immunity. Additionally, since walnuts are high in antioxidants, consuming them regularly will help boost immunity.

7)Improved Bone Health

Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid which is an essential fatty acid. Alpha-linolenic acid promotes healthy and strong bones. The omega-3 fatty acid fight inflammation and help with decreasing bone resorption.

Copper deficiency leads to lower bone mineral density and an increased risk of osteoporosis. Walnuts being a good source of copper, is an excellent dietary addition. It will lead to stronger bones, reducing the risk of fracture and breakage.

Copper also maintains collagen and elastin which are major structural components of the body. It helps to replace damaged connective tissue or collagen that builds bones. In combination with the high calcium and copper content, manganese in walnuts can also prevent osteoporosis. These are some walnut health benefits for the bones.

8)Smooth Pregnancy

Walnuts are high in vitamin B, complexes like folates, riboflavin, and thiamin. Folic acid is necessary for the health of pregnant women and the foetus and thus promotes healthy pregnancy.

9)Enabled Digestion

Walnuts being high in fibre are an excellent choice as the nutrients help with the functioning of the digestive system. They not only promote digestion but also regulate bowel movements. Adding them to your diet will be beneficial for you if you want to improve your gut health.

10)Anti-Aging Benefits

Walnuts are an outstanding source of B vitamins and help to lessen stress and regulate mood. Stress is the most significant factor for bad skin health and leads to the early onset of wrinkles and signs of aging. Thus, consuming walnuts is beneficial for the skin in the long run. Walnuts also are high in Vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. Vitamin E is synonymous with skin health; it fights free radicals that promote early signs of aging. Additionally, walnuts applied in the form of oil are beneficial for the hair as it strengthens hair follicles and helps control dandruff.

Correct Way to Store Walnuts

Since nuts have high-fat content, they go rancid fast. But rancid nuts are not unsafe apart from the unpleasant flavor. You can prolong their shelf life by storing them in their shells in a cool, dark place like refrigerator.

If, however you want to store the walnuts at room temperature, it is recommended that they are kept in the freezer for at least 48 hours to kill pests, if any.

How to Eat Walnuts Daily

Chop them up and eat, crush them and add them to dessert or drink, or use them as toppings for chopped fruits, there are many ways to consume walnuts. Here are a few ways to add them to your daily diet:

• You can use chopped walnuts in salads.

• Combine them with fruits and yogurt.

• Make granola bars using a mixture of ingredients.

• Use in baking items.

Portion Size

Whether you are someone who consumes walnuts for the love of their flavor or due to health concerns, adding walnuts to your daily diet can help you in the long run. You can limit adding walnuts as per requirements by keeping the nutritional value of walnuts in mind.

It is advised not to eat walnuts in excessive amounts as overconsumption can lead to diarrhea in people with irritable bowel syndrome. It is suggested to eat at least 4 walnuts a day as a good start. So, why wait any longer? Start your journey for a wholesome snacking experience and explore our entire range of dried fruit Shop now!


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